Friday, June 4, 2010

Coat Rack Transformation

ONE MANS TRASH……(equals my next craft project)

I took this phrase literally today as I was driving. For my part time job I work for my old boss (I use to sell manufactured homes) driving around different areas and mailing out fliers to homes that are for sale by owner…. Well this job pays off even more when it’s garbage day!

Long story short we are re-doing our entry way (why do I say we? Me, I am redoing the entry way ;^). And I had bought a small wall mounted coat wrack at a garage sale for .75 cents, but it was only about a foot long and the scale wasn’t right, but it did have awesome door knobs for the hangers so I kept it.

And today I found a compromise!


Picture 001

She was just sitting there all tall and statuesque. I know, I know, she already matches my trim color… But that’s no fun! So I grabbed a can of Rustoleum 2x spray coverage in Navajo White (luvvvv this stuff), gave her a light sanding (I broke the rules and didn’t prime) and then 3 coats. I followed this by using a damp rag to rub on an acrylic antique glaze, the same kind I used for my decorative wall shelves, and my Easter dress picture frame. I find it is easier to manipulate if you put a glob on then rub it with a damp cloth, you can always wipe it off or add more later to change the look if need be.

And for the compromise portion, my hubby loved the wall mounted coat rack I mentioned above that was to tiny, so I used the knobs instead of a dowel for the coat arms!!! Wait wait, let me be truthful, I had bought a dowel at HD but couldn’t cut it until hubby came home, so I grew impatient and found a solution ;^) Hey for once my impatience has paid off!!!! ;^)

Picture 002

Picture 003

Attached with double sided screws and some wood glue.

Picture 005

A close up of the finish!

So what do you think? Now I am uber excited to get rolling on this entry way redo.

Project Cost:

Coat Rack: Free courtesy of Garbage Picking

Rustoleum in Navajo White: $2.74 (on sale at HD)

Antique Glaze: Free (already had)

Knobs from original wall mounted coat rack: .75 cents

Double Sided Screws: Had from rocking horse Project

Total: $3.49 (not including tax on the spray paint if you want to get picky ;^)

So for under 4 bux?!?!?! I’ll take it!



  1. I love the addition of the door knobs. So cute. And I love that your rescued it from the trash. That makes the project that much sweeter!

  2. I love this! How very clever and I adore those knobs! They give this coat rack such charm!

    Have a super week, and stop by when you get a chance to take a peek at what I've been up to.

    Erin :)

  3. An awesome transformation. Love the white and the knobs -- so original!

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