Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ottoman Redo!

(Ready for a lengthy post? Don’t worry there are tons of pics ;^)

Hey! So it’s time to share what I got for mother’s day:

Picture 002

Hey now, don’t judge, she has good cushions (and I asked for her) and she was only 20 bux on craigslist! Score! The fact that the cushions (under the hideous fabric) are in such great shape was huge for me because foam is uber expensive.

First things first I ripped her apart, and man all of those staples!

Picture 003 Picture 005

The fabric I got to cover her was a red micro-suede and I bought (3 or 4 I can’t remember) yards for 12 bux and have a tonnnn left over! Can you believe it? It matches my red sofa (which you can see here)exactly!



So I just wrapped and stapled the fabric! Simple as that, I did pull out the corners and sew them so the fabric wouldn’t rip, then tucked them back in and closed the seam with iron on tape (does this make sense).


I also added upholstery nails down the side to give it a little something extra.

I will be replacing the legs eventually just so it sits a little higher off of the ground.





This was in a way a two part transformation, of the ottoman, and of this wall in my living room:

BEFORE: (sorry it’s Blurry)






Yay I love it! And this is the best place to sit and read! To see how I did the shelves above click here. And you see the picture of my daughter? Well remember how we made the mat out of her old dress? If you missed it then click here!

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