Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Current Project! Office/Playroom Combination!

So if you know me you already know this, I have a compulsion to only show people things when they are 100% finished. But I've decided to break that rule by showing you what I am working on currently! Let me start by what took me to this project, there were a couple of problems:

1.) Veda's toys were starting to attack my living room, which meant that every time I tried to sit down and relax I was drawn to mountains of unattractive plastic, noisy junk.. I mean treasures ;^)
2.) The office, which we had already redone, was painted way to dark. I still love the accent wall (see below) but the main color I let my husband pick out, and as a result when I was studying at night it felt dark and oppressive. (To see this wall color look at my post about scrap booking storage)

3.) For God knows what reason I felt like a bad mom because Veda didn't have a playroom?!?!? Don't ask ;^)

So I decided to make my office into three things: an office, scrap booking room, and play room. And no this is not a big room by any means.

I am not completely done with this redo, still some finishing touches needed, so I'll post the few solutions I came up with on the way!
So one of the things that has helped the most with space is thinking outside the box a bit with furniture placement. I have noticed that it is "in" to have a desk sticking out into the room with only the side touching the wall. "Ding!" the light bulb went off and this was exactly what I needed to free up a ton of space!!!

The desk that would "stick out" would be the scrap booking desk. I got it form a hotel with a chair for 10 bux! (woo-hoo!) My husband and I did a quick paint job so that it matched the rest of the room a while back. But the problem was that it didn't have a back to it, so you could see all of my scrap booking storage totes underneath, yuck! So this is what we came up with!!! Bought 2 yrds of fabric at JoAnns, and some stitch witchery (I do not sew, it always ends badly). I measured the length and then ironed the stitch witchery on to create a hem. Then stapled it to the desk! It works perfectly!!! And what's great is that my 2 yr old is still in the "out of sight out of mind" phase, so since she can't see my scrap booking supplies they are left alone!Under is the back side where the chair will go!