Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kitchen Chandelier *Sneak Peak*

As a much needed break from reviewing journal articles and writing lesson plans (ah the joys of earning a bachelors degree) I am going to let you in on my current project!!!



You see that beauty? Okay, well maybe diamond in the rough would be a better term ;^) My mom had him just hanging out in her garage, and didn’t even tell me! Tisk tisk mom…

I am going to put him in my kitchen over my island! Want to see what he is replacing? Are you sure you can take it?



I know I know, it’s okay you can stop screaming now. It’s what I so lovingly refer to as our department store lighting ;^) lol. Hideous and although it is bright it gives everything a slightly yellow tint *gag* sorry, got a little choked up there.

Well if you can see that little flush mount ceiling light in the background of the above picture, I am painting this new chandelier that same color.

spraypaintedit And guess what? Mom had this in her garage to… She’s been holding out on me! Normally I would have had this project done by now, but can you guess? RAIN RAIN RAIN… And spray painting in the house is not a good idea, yes I will admit to trying it once upon a time :^)…


QUESTION FOR YOU, take a look at the chandelier again in the first picture please, would you paint the white cylindrical things that go under the light bulb? The sleeves I guess you could call them? I don’t think I want them to be white? Help please :^) And hopefully in a couple days this beast will be a beauty! <3