Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rocking Horse Re-do COMPLETE!

  IT’S FINALLY DONE! okay okay, so I’ll admit it was actually done a week and a a half ago (slap on the wrist), but we threw my daughters second birthday so things got a little crazy…. Ready for the awesome before and afters?


Picture 002


Picture 015

Aww isn’t he beautiful! I am so excited! And couldn’t be happier with the original $8.00 purchase. The finishing touches included the hair, which is a mop that I dyed using RIT (color tan). Inserting the hair was actually the hardest part, a lot of tucking, tacking and hot gluing.  The handle is actually two table legs painted with some acrylic paint and then sprayed with a pearl glaze that I used on the body of the horse. And the saddle is accented with some upholstery nails. If you have any questions just let me know!!! And the fun part, some more pics!

Picture 014

Picture 012

Picture 013 

The original seal came through when I sanded and re-stained it! How cool!!!!Picture 016And the ultimate test! The birthday girl is in love, she rocks-n-rolls on her new horsy!!!!! I hope she will enjoy him and maybe even pass it on to her babies!!!! Hope you enjoyed the transformation!!!

Picture 009

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