Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rocking Horse Redo (Day 1)


Alrighty! I have started my Rocking Horse Redo!

Picture 002

I found this at a thrift shop when I was about eight months pregnant. I can’t remember the exact price but it was UNDER TEN DOLLARS!!!! Can you believe it? I figured they’d want at least thirty and I just asked about it on a whim… Needless to say, MINE!!!!

I put off refinishing him for a while because I was busy re-doing our house, but my daughters 2nd birthday is May 22nd, so I figured this would make a great present!!!

Step 1 was to sand him down and strip him, here you go, beware he is naked!

Picture 004

I am amazed at how beautiful the wood is underneath!!!! Here are all of the tools I used and all of his parts:

  Picture 007

He is almost all the way sanded, but I ran out of sand paper, so this is it for today.


Picture 008

You can see his little eye balls laying there, I was unsure if I was going to replace them, but I sanded over them on accident so I had no choice.


As far as the finish, I was surprised at the beautiful wood grain, so stain seemed like a good option, on the other hand when I think of a little girls rocking horse I think of a pretty cream color. So here is my solution:


The bottom of the stand will be stained, and the horse will be cream! Perfect! I will also more than likely stain the handles to bring some of the base color up. And look at the red seat! How fab!!!! Obviously my horse is of a more basic design, but great inspiration!

Stay tuned! Next I need to touch up on the sanding, put some wood filler in and tighten him up! Then onto painting/staining!!!

Everyone cross your fingers that this keeps on going well, I think my daughter will love it!!! <3