Monday, April 12, 2010

Chandelier Complete (light bulbs and all ;^)

Alright! Well today I went and purchased the CORRECT size light bulbs, so here is a final view of the chandelier…

Picture 008fix

I have to say I am totally in love, and it looks 100x better in person! I wasn’t sure at first, normally change doesn’t bother me, I welcome it, but going from a huge box light to this was a big change. But while sitting at the dinning room table coloring with my daughter and looking into the kitchen we fell in love 100% ;^)

You can see a sneak peak of my window treatments I am working on in the background. The valence I did a while back (I will have to post about it) but the kitchen looked naked and needed something extra…. So I stole some sheers off of another window and was playing around.

Picture 012fix

Now this is just a ROUGH idea, but I was playing with shapes, I like the right much better… SO tonight I will be busy working on that until the wee hours!!! Can’t wait until it is done it will make such a difference! You all will be the first to see!!!