Friday, April 2, 2010

$12.00 Window Treatments!


So here it is! One of the last projects in my office/play room/scrap booking room make over!

I had to cover the windows in here, but in every other room I normally do something with long sheers that touch the ground. Well knowing my daughter the bottom of those sheers would be filthy from her sitting on them with the dogs and pulling on them.

I originally wanted to do tie up shades, but the top part


always looks so boring to me? And unfinished. (Thank you Wal-Mart for letting my knock your shades ;^) But I love the idea of the tie up shades, they don’t cover up to much natural light, and also do not touch the floor!

So I was in one of my fav stores, Big Lots, when I came across a valence in a paisley pattern for 3 BUX!!! And they were beautiful thick fabric, and the bag said JC Penny on it! So you know these puppies originally were not cheap! I grabbed two because my windows are large.

And I also snagged up a sheer that had cool stripes embroidered throughout. I hung the first valence in the middle of the window, and then cut the second valence into 2 pieces, these two pieces I slid under the first valence, one on each side, and used the iron on tape to tack it down (see, still not sewing ;^)…

Picture 001

It still needed something, so I took out the sheer I found and cut it to the width of my window (I added 3” to each side so that when bunched it didn’t look to short).

Picture 003

I then pined it to the valence to see if I liked it, and did a mock tie-up shade with ribbon I had.

After falling in love, I made a pocket at the top for the rod (with the no sew tape).


I really LOVE the end result, LOVE the paisley fabric, and most of all I LOVE  the fact that it totaled $12.00!!!! Perfect Playroom/Office Window Treatment!


I am wondering though if the ribbon that is holding the sheer is to dinky looking? What do you guys think? Should I use thicker ribbon or perhaps fabric? Let me know, and thanks for reading <3