Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick and Easy Headboard

A quick intro for you, my mind is bouncing all over the place lately filled with project ideas… But you remember, I am on a budget, $15.00 a week! And with landscaping devouring that $15.00 my projects will not be getting done this week :^( We are re-doing the flower beds, can I just say yuck! I hate digging beds, but I hate the way our yard looks in it’s present state more, so the bed digging wins… But just so you know, my soon to be projects include: refinishing an antique rocking horse for my daughters 2nd B-day, refinishing an old chandelier for my kitchen, turning a door into 3 tables (well an entrance table and two big shelves, you’ll see ;^) and of course an old window as wall art! SO hang in there if you are following! But to fill the time I will show you my house and projects that are already done!


In the master bedroom I have already shown my awesome $25.00 dresser. So next is the headboard!


For supplies there were not many, I headed to Home Depot and got a piece of half inch ply wood (cheap and sturdy) I also had them cut 3 pieces out of quarter inch ply. I picked up some decorative molding, this looks like the type that you frame a door with, but they have an entire section of decorative molding and for small projects it’s not very costly!

I first primed and painted the molding and the base piece of wood (in case any showed through). I did a black paint and rubbed on the silver, just like with my dresser).


The next step was to pick up some batting and fabric. Now many people put a bit of foam down and then batting, but myself being cheap thrifty, just doubled up the batting, (this actually saved a ton, foam is expensive) Found some fabric that was on clearance, and after stapling the batting did the same with the fabric, just wrap it tight like a present! I flipped it over here and there to check my progress.

The molding went on first with some wood glue and nails (fill the holes in with wood fill if they bother you, you can’t see them with this paint treatment though).

Then with screws and the help of my hubby, we screwed the three quarter inch upholstered boards into place from behind. And Viola’!


As you can see we added a vinyl wall decal above. (Please excuse the horrid picture, my hubby is asleep I didn’t get in there to snap a new pic quick enough).

This can be done with any fabric and any molding color to match your bedroom! And for an extra punch you could add covered buttons tufted in!

(If you have any questions about attaching it or if something isn’t clear let me know;^).