Thursday, April 1, 2010

Medicine Cabinet Transformation!

Aha! It’s done! You guys remember the before right?

Picture 010

From cluttered…

Picture 001

To Fabulous! This old Medicine cabinet (see b4 in the previous post) was the perfect solution! It was supppper easy to re-finish, and now I am in love <3<3<3

Just did a light coat of spray paint primer, followed by a couple coats of white. I then sanded it to give it the distressed look. The Medicine Cabinet also had to be super functional so that everything stayed nice and pretty and off the desk!!!!!Picture 005

I lined the inside with my new favorite fabric (JoAnn Quilting fabric quarters for $1.99) and made dividers to organize the junk supplies. There are two dividers that I covered with fabric. Our power tool supply is pretty meek at the moment so I needed something that I could cut with a utility knife. Enter foam board. You know that stuff you have done countless school projects on? And that you can find at the Dollar Store! SCORE! The fabric is just hot glued onto the foam board, and I cut the lengths exact so they didn’t even need to be glued down, just put into place! I opted to use 2 of the original glass shelves for storage as well.

Picture 007

I still needed somethingPicture 006to function as a bulletin board for pictures and my calendar, once again foam board to the rescue!

Now I would recommend using cork tiles for this if you are going to be moving the pins around a lot. It will hold up better.

Here I ran into a problem, I was out of fabric and patience, I wanted this baby done! So I went hunting in my closet and dug up an old blue shirt :^) Not kidding ;^)…. The foam board was covered in blue shirt, I mean fabric, secured with hot glue, and for extra strength I used some decorative brads in the corners that I had left over from a previous project.

And voila’! What do you think? I am def in love <3

Picture 009

I will probably add some accessories to the top to finish it off a bit! But storage solution solved! And of course I can’t forget to mention this simple little pencil jar I made to match out of a mason jar/scrap booking paper/ and some berry garland!Picture 003

I think the desk might need a few more of these babies!!!

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