Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Innovative Play Room Art!

When I pull a room together the artwork is normally the EASIEST thing for me to pick out and place, but when it came to the office/playroom this was not the case! Now if it were just an office, no problem, or even just a play room, I would have had the art quick and easily! But the problem I faced here was that it was both. I didn't want my ABC's on the wall, no to kiddie, but I also didn't want sleek modern office art. What to do? Well I had settled on fabric boards, I figured they had so many cool fabric patterns out and it would bring blue to the beige wall. So I googled fabric panels, and after pages of unsatisfied searching I came across this idea!!!

They were indeed fabric panels, but instead of a board they used embroidery hoops!!! Genius! This did a few things for me, brought a ton of blue to the beige wall, broke up all of the squares on the accent wall, and was kid and office friendly!!! Best of all it was CHEAP, (in the good for your wallet way, not that it looked cheap).

All you do is pick out a few embroidery hoops in varying sizes and some corresponding fabric. For the smaller hoops I was able to use fabric they sell at JoAnn's for .99-$1.99, it is originally for quilting. All together I spent around 12 bux! That's great! And it makes such a great impact!!! And it was also probably one of the easiest art projects I have ever done!!!

(Look at that IKEA frog modeling them wonderfully)

If you'd like to incorporate this into your space, some people even use them as bulletin boards or tack pictures to them! You can do a number of amazing things with these!!!!

You'll be able to see the impact they make better when I post pics of the entire room, but no peeking, I am not done yet! :^)