Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rocking Horse Redo (Day 2)

Well, time to show you how we are doing on the rocking horse I am redoing for my daughters 2nd Birthday! If you missed day one you can see it here.

This afternoon while Veda was sleeping I stained the base of the horse in Antique Walnut (the same stain used on my coffee table). Don’t worry I did it outside these are the after pics ;^).


(That would be Loki sticking her face in the shot)

I used two coats of stain here.


After that I had to prime the body of the horse,


And let me just tell you, I am a SUCKER for bargains, so I grabbed a bag of sponge brushes from the dollar store… That was a big no-no they were horrible, I went through the entire big bag. On the other hand, I bought a bristle brush from there which I used on the stain portion and it was amazing, so live and learn!

Next was the first coat of Creamy White by Behr, (which was left over from a previous project)


Ahhh! I am SO EXCITED! It is really coming along! I think one more coat (at least) of creamy white then onto accessorizing! As you can see I still need to get those little wood plugs to replace the ones that fell off with age. But I will paint those separate and glue them on.

SO HERE IS THE QUESTION: What color for the mane? I was thinking a deep red for the saddle but that could change, I need YOUR help!

Thanks!!! Hopefully I will be working on it more tomorrow but it all depends on Veda’s nap time ;^)