Thursday, March 25, 2010

Play Room Art 2

My playroom/office extravaganza was in need of one more piece of innovative art! I once again googled my little heart out. I came across someone who had used paint samples and a hole punch for art! I thought about it and ran with it! (I can't locate the place it came from now so if this is you let me know!)

Earlier in the month at Salvation Army I found the painting you see below. There was nothing wrong with it, but it didn't exactly scream play room or office, but I loved the detail in the frame! So 2 bux later it was mine.

To start I taped off the frame and painted over the picture with some left over blue paint.

I went to the store and um, sampled to my hearts content their selection of blue paint swatches :^). I then had to pick up a butterfly hole punch, which was around $9.00 or so, so be sure to grab your 40% off coupon!!! I then punched and punched.... and punched and punched.....

The only part of this project that I didn't enjoy was setting the butterflies up in color order, *yawn*... I should have done this as I punched, but I went a little punch happy.

I then placed them on my canvas in the form that I wanted (make sure you are in love with your design before you stick things down, just a warning because if you are anything like me you may be a bit impatient ;^)... To stick them down I used those foam stickers, it gave the butterflies a great 3D affect, and the best thing is you can get big packs of these foam double sided stickers at the dollar store(Dollar Tree)! I had to cut the stickers smaller though so that it wouldn't show. After that I glued down the tiny butterflies flat, it added more dimension having the big butterflies stick out and the smaller ones lie flat.

As you can see in my original picture of the punched out butterflies I intended to use beige as well, which is the color of the other walls in my office. But I decided to stick with a mono-chromatic look, which I love! So here it is!!!!

They just fly off of the canvas, I was bummed that it didn't photograph that well! But Veda (my daughter) loves it! She walked in and yelled BUTTERBYE BUTTER BYE (which is two yr old lingo for Butterfly ;^)

And remember this can be done in any room with any subject!!! Run with this idea, it is simple, inexpensive and beautiful. And best of all you made it!!!! This could be sports themed, or something for nursery! Let me know if you try this at home, or if you have a theme you want to apply this to and need help!!! Thanks for Reading! <3>DIY Day @ ASPTL

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