Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chandelier Reveal, (Almost There)

Remember this?


Well he has been brought back to his former glory, (with a little extra flair ;^).

Picture 003fix

(Do you see what I ran out of? Besides Patience LIGHTBULBS! Hello, I of course bought the wrong size;^). This reveal brought on another surprise, can you see it? Look hard, a HUGE splotch on my ceiling where my fluorescent light box was, one project always reveals at least two more!

Picture 001fix

I first primed it with rustoleum, and this time used a colored primer, and now am IN LOVE with that product! It COVERED AMAZINGLY! I then sprayed it with the Anodized Bronze, but it looked very gray, so for the final touch I lightly swept on gold spray paint and then wiped it with a wet cloth. I <3 it!!!

I tried to wash up the white cylindrical thingies that go under the bulb, but they were yellowed from age, so I figured I would have to get more and just for the heck of it I sprayed them gold. What do you think? To much gold? I thought so at first but it’s kinda growing on me? I need a second opinion.

Picture 014fix

And of course I am the MESSIEST spray painter in the world…..

Picture 015

This will not come off… I could have worn gloves but this is my badge of honor, my “I am a DIY girl hand” or at least that’s what I am telling myself when people at the grocery store give me an odd look ;^).

So what do you think of the transformation? And the color on the cylindrical thingies (I should really find out their real name). I will post more pics when I have day light (and more light bulbs) but I literally just finished and wanted to show you!


(oh and everyone say a prayer that this thing will STAY UP! you never know…. *fingers crossed*).