Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Entryway Art

So after a very stressful week (longgg story) I figured I’d take a break from cursed, YES CURSED, window treatments and work on something simple and adorable!

My grams had this key in her house a longggg time ago and I fell in love with it in High School. I was going through some old things at my mom’s and found it again,


I wanted to make it into entry way art, so even though the gold was okay I needed it to match my laundry room (light green walls/white trim/ black and white accessories). Our laundry room is also the “mudroom” at the back of our house. I found this cute sign at the Christmas Tree Shoppe,


Okay so the sign has a few bubbles on it, but it was only 2 bux!!! So we will call it “aged”…. I painted the key black and as you can see in the above picture I hung the sign from the key with ribbon.

(When hanging something with ribbon,I always “mock” hang it, by that I mean actually nail the pieces up separate and make it look like the ribbon is holding it.Otherwise the ribbon will stretch and not hang correctly).

So here it is!


I am in LOVE! And what a great reminder. Those are words we should all live by, so seeing it every day should be a great reality check!

(P.S. please ignore the hole in the wall, it is from the art that was there before ;^)….

And so you know I have been garbage picking! <3 lol, meaning my project list is growing HUGE! After this stressful week is over I will be starting something a bit bigger… Rocking horse, or “timeout” chair, or bakers rack….hmmm?

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