Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrapbooking Storage!

In the midst of re-doing our scrap booking/office/playroom I was having trouble actually organizing my scrap booking stuff! Well let me re-phrase that, I was having trouble organizing it in-expensively! I needed a space to keep my tools that I use often, in sight, but not in the way.

So back when I worked at a Portrait Studio we were sitting in the tech room chatting and putting picture CD's away, these came in big cylindrical CD cases that we just threw away! And that's when I came up with my scrap booking storage idea!

Under the shelves The CD cases are upside down and attached with small finishing nails, screws would work great as well! I had started by attaching them with glue but they fell off. And on top of the shelves I have kept the rod in that holds the CD's and used it for ribbons.I am not working on cutting slits into the sides of the ribbon storage cases so that you don't even have to open them.

This has by far been the best and CHEAPEST storage solution I have found!!!

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