Monday, March 22, 2010

Inexpensive Bathroom Facelift!

When I first walked into our spare bathroom I felt like I was experiencing vertigo! The crazy tone on tone stripes and emblems on the wall were a bit much. But like other projects I had to sit in the floor and stare at it to think out my plan of action, budget in mind.

To start with I looked at the decorating things I had from our apartment prior, as well as the towels etc. And thought that with what I had it would have a slight safari theme. So we chose a camel wall color. But by far the BIGGEST impact was painting the cabinets an off white. I would recommend choosing a semi-gloss because it stands up to wiping and cleaning much more. Now normally I would just spray the hardware, but the style that was in the bathroom was hideous, so we went out and bought a pack of hardware for around $18.00 at the local big box hardware store. And there was enough that I had a few pulls left over. What you can't see in the before picture is that the mirrors were big and boxy, I wanted to break that up, and lucky me, my birthday was coming up :^). So my mom lovingly went to TJ maxx and scored these awesome round mirrors for around $25 a piece!

Now when I went back to that big box store to purchase a towel rack I was shocked! They are ridiculously priced! (Well unless you want brass) So, I bought brass! I took the spray paint left over from my chandelier make over (it was the perfect color) and sprayed it, here you can see the toilet paper holder before it was sprayed and what a difference it makes.
And for the shower curtain, I picked up one of the keep the water in not out curtains that every shower needs on clearance at WalMart, and then for that extra punch I hung a tension rod (which are only a couple of bucks) almost at ceiling height, and hung the drapes we use to have in the apartment, which ironically is the same color as the accent tile in the bathroom!

And there it is! Paint is what made the biggest difference in here! And remember if you have a small budget just add accessories as you go, that's the best way to do it! (The toilet decor ;^) is a decoration my mom and I made for my wedding! Never would have thought it would wind up in the bathroom!)

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  1. I love cheap projects! Yours turned out so nice! Thanks for linking up!