Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chandelier Reveal, (Almost There)

Remember this?


Well he has been brought back to his former glory, (with a little extra flair ;^).

Picture 003fix

(Do you see what I ran out of? Besides Patience LIGHTBULBS! Hello, I of course bought the wrong size;^). This reveal brought on another surprise, can you see it? Look hard, a HUGE splotch on my ceiling where my fluorescent light box was, one project always reveals at least two more!

Picture 001fix

I first primed it with rustoleum, and this time used a colored primer, and now am IN LOVE with that product! It COVERED AMAZINGLY! I then sprayed it with the Anodized Bronze, but it looked very gray, so for the final touch I lightly swept on gold spray paint and then wiped it with a wet cloth. I <3 it!!!

I tried to wash up the white cylindrical thingies that go under the bulb, but they were yellowed from age, so I figured I would have to get more and just for the heck of it I sprayed them gold. What do you think? To much gold? I thought so at first but it’s kinda growing on me? I need a second opinion.

Picture 014fix

And of course I am the MESSIEST spray painter in the world…..

Picture 015

This will not come off… I could have worn gloves but this is my badge of honor, my “I am a DIY girl hand” or at least that’s what I am telling myself when people at the grocery store give me an odd look ;^).

So what do you think of the transformation? And the color on the cylindrical thingies (I should really find out their real name). I will post more pics when I have day light (and more light bulbs) but I literally just finished and wanted to show you!


(oh and everyone say a prayer that this thing will STAY UP! you never know…. *fingers crossed*).



  1. very cute. it reminds me of the one from beauty and the beast.

  2. aww yeah! I forgot about that... Veda looked up at it and said "OHHH!" she was very excited ;^)

  3. I found a crystal chandeliar in the garbage room of my condo complex and grabbed it. I spray painted the metal parts red and "white cylindrical thingies" white.

    I hung it in my craft room and will share the pictures tomorrow.

    Check out my blog.


  4. Cool! Great re-do! I need a fancy chandelier in my house! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday! Hope to see you again next week!


  5. thanks! Check out thrift stores they have great finds!!!

  6. That looks great! I hope it stays up too! Oh, fingernail polish remover will take off that spray paint from your hands!

    Love it!

  7. nice work!
    and a tip: a little acetone will take that paint right off your hands ;) trust me i know, i have to do it often!! :)

  8. Amazing! I am way too lazy to redo something like that. Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper.

  9. I love rehabbing chandeliers! Yours looks great; love the finish. I saw an idea for covering the white thingies (what are those called?) with scrapbook paper to add a little pattern to the piece. I think you would have to use some sort of heat resistant adhesive but it would just add an extra "pop". Just an idea!

  10. oh that is a great idea! I will keep my eyes peeled for some great paper. Maybe I could tie in the rust color in my valences... Now you've got me thinking ;^)