Friday, April 23, 2010

Rockin’ Redo (Day 3, 75% done!)

Hey! I am SOOO EXCITED to show you these next pics… We are 75% done! Well I think actually more than 75% but I don’t want to say that and jinx myself… Let’s take a quick recap…

Picture 002

Okay and are you ready for how he looks now?



HELLO!!! I am soo excited (why else would I be posting at 1am ;^)… I can’t wait for the hubby to wake up and see him!!!


I found new eye balls for .99 cents, what a steal… And the fabric looks pink here but it is burgundy, I was able to splurge because I only needed a quarter of a yard (and have some left over) so I went for durable beautiful fabric that was $17.99 a yard, the piece I needed was under 5 bux though! And you can’t see them well here but I added adorable buttons to the reins.

There is also a shimmer to it, I sprayed it with some type of enamel to make it more durable and to give it a girly glow ;^) (Please if you use this spray it outdoors… I am an idiot I know!)


Wood plugs

Brads for the reins (to hide the staples)

A “V” for my daughters name to embroider the saddle :^)

A Handle


I am so nervous to do the hair, this is the most intimidating part to me, I like the mop look but am not sure if you use an actual mop? I have e-mailed a “rocking horse expert” in England, so hopefully she gets back to me ASAP with some great ideas!!!!

Hope you like it so far, I am jumping for joy! I hope to have it done by the end of the weekend or Monday night!!!!

What do you think so far??? <3

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  1. Thank you for joining my hodgepodge party! I love it! I hope you will join again.