Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Medicine Cabinet Redo!

I am SOOO excited to show you what I found tonight!!!! Well, I was craigs-listing my little heart out the other day (you like my new words? craigs-listing, wal-marting, etc ;^) and trying to solve my office storage problem... And I came across this little beauty!

What? You don't see the potential? Aww, give him a chance. I was so excited that I drove 45 minutes to pick it up!!! And $15.00 later it was alll mine! But I am not completely done yet!

Sooo, you just get a sneak peak!
You can't tell much from the picture, but it is fab!!! I should have it completely done by tomorrow!!!
And lastly a glance at the problem area

AHHHHHHH scream I know, what a MESS!!!! But won't be for long!!! See you all tomorrow to show you the finishing touches <3


  1. Love the potential in that cabinet. Craigslist is wonderful but because of where Im from, its not as good as being in the States is. You guys seem to have all the great finds!

  2. yeah I love Craigslist! I didn't even know it was anywhere but the united states? Very cool!

    $15.00 is more than I would normally pay for it, but I fell in love and wasn't up to haggling ;^)